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10:27 pm: i hate teeth
there was an episode of 'Newlyweds' once where Jessica was going off on how she hated teeth: hated brushing them, hated having to go to the dentist, hated toothaches, hating to have to upkeep them to make them white, etc. Well, I hate teeth too. My stupid wisdom teeth have come in and at first they were just kinda annoying but they are horrible now! I cant even open my jaw barely :( so I have to see my oral surgeon tomorrow for an urgent wisdom teeth extraction in the next few days. bummer. 2nd oral surgery in less than a year. I had to have skin graphing on my gums last July too. I hate teeth.

but in the end, its actually LUCKY this happened. My mouth started hurting last thursday (the 10th), and I was *supposed* to leave for Europe on the 4th. Can you imagine if I went!? I would have had to bail out and come home a week into the trip! because this wisdom teeth stuff is serious business (totally painful and could lead to infection=not fun) I wouldnt have been able to stay on the trip. SO I woulda lost 6000$ PLUS the extra money to fly home early. BAM. I knew there was a reason that circumstances had me pull out of that trip. Thanks for lookin' out for me Jeezy.

man I want a hot dog. weird craving. the minute this stuff goes away I want an Angel Dog, straight up yo.

on another note, the tumor went away :)

nothing else going on...house sitting for the aunt for a while...fun stuff...k night.

Current Mood: highdoped up on pain meds
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