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10:39 am: burn notice?
I was just thinking about all the stuff I did last summer, and who I hung out with and just my mentality back then and wow. I cant believe that was only last summer. I feel like a completely different person since then; like it was ten years ago...instead of ten months ago. It's like looking back at high school or something. weird.

I feel really good lately. I feel like im in a really good place. I like the people I have around me and the stuff im doing and the stuff I see in the future, Im comfortable with the choices ive been making, my walk with God is good (still could be better, but it could always be better) just meaning Im devoting more time to it and it feels good.

my birthday is coming up. I just wanna do something small, I dont have the energy to throw a party (or a space to do it and thats kinda essential haha). I just wanna get a good group of peeps and hit up Medieval Times or something. the tickets are like 50 bucks though! thats steep. Ill probably end up at dinner with sharon and tj haha. anyway, if anyone has any ideas let me know. I lack creativity when it comes to my own birthday.

Current Mood: pleasedpleased
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