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02:19 am: catch a falling star
dude...I am SO TIRED. like im beat. Ive gotten 4-5 hours of sleep this whole week every night and its catching up with me tonight. the night I have to write my final paper for class. DRAG! I am sooo tired guys, you dont even know. and heres the real crap part: I have to write this paper on a film ive NEVER seen. I looked for it everywhere (the internet, blockbuster, fry's - which has the most extensive collection of movies ive ever seen and they still didnt have it). so...I got nothing. haha. ah... *shoot self*. my teach had to go and choose the most obscure movie ever. man, sucky. Ill get it done, I just am really tired and dont wanna. I have to finish it up by 5pm tomorrow. I can do this, I just need to STOP writing in livejournal about it and actually write it and go to bed!!

Current Mood: tiredtired
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