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04:14 pm: I love
I <3

+ My iPod case. it's cute.
+ TARGET. my love for this store is never ending. truly.
+ The fair. I cant wait to go!
+ swimming
+ Guster/Toad the Wet Sprocket show on the 25th. SO EXCITED.
+ all the awesome news flicks coming out
+ artichoke cakes from macaronni grill
+ my new hair color
+ My grade in my Cinema class!
+ the new Nemo ride. I want to ride it again.
+ Tejava iced tea.
+ 1920/30's big band music (IE "Tuxedo Junction", "Moonlight Serenade", etc.)
+ "archer farms" brand packaged pasta dinners they have out now. serves 4 and costs only 3 bucks?? AMAZING.
+ my mom's new house in hawaii
+ my "end of summer session math" trip to said house in hawaii
+ my cat. she is so adorable its ridic. and she loves me. (and she turns 1 tomorrow. officially not a 'kitten' anymore)
+ "high fidelity" is on tv right now
+ air conditioning.
+ jumping off of stuff into water. cliffs, diving boards, trampolines, boats...its juvenile fun and totally underrated.
+ moving in september

Current Mood: calmcalm
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