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02:21 am: 7 personalities
so...my math class is ruining my life. every math class I take ruins my life. here is a little secret that only really 3 people know. I never passed Algebra. EVER. not in Jr. High, not in high school (and I took it three times in high school) and not in my two times taking it in college. Its not that I don't apply myself; I run myself into the ground putting so much effort into these classes. I honestly CAN NOT do math. I've had tutors, Ive tried different methods of classes (packed in during summer, stretched out long over a semester), ive even taken a math anxiety course to help with it. but nothing helps with it. I HONESTLY think I have a learning disorder with numbers. If you'd look at my tests you'd see it too. It makes no sense. Its like looking at a dyslexic person write an essay. but make it with numbers. they are all switched around, I mix up the formulas, I dont change the sign the right way, or shade the opposite side of the graph...etc. But I excell at every other subject (unless its science that involves math). Its so frustrating and horrible when I try SO HARD at something and fail. over and over again. I honestly sobbed about it on the phone with my mom today. and I feel like ive tried everything. I must have a learning disorder its the only thing I can think of.

ANYWAY. I need to finish my application to HPU. I've done little bits of it here and there this week but I need to get it done by tomorrow, sunday latest. I need to send that sucker in. There's gonna be ALOT of changes if I get accepted and transfer to and move to Hawaii. But I think it will be very good for me. (is Hawaii bad for anyone?...not counting um Pearl Harbor victims..ehhhh).

I DONT like not having money. Ive had enough money to do whatever I want for like, 3 months now. and that phase is pretty much done sadly. Im pretty broke. I spent my last dimes on Eddie Izzard tix (well worth it!!). but ya...its hard going from having money to...not. ive 'not' had money before and lived to tell the tale though so...whatev's. people have it worse! plus the style now is to look like you bought all your clothes at a garage sale and threw it together. so ill just do that for real and no one will know the difference.

EDDIE IZZARD NEXT WEEK!!! holy crapo. I can't believe I scored tickets to this. He NEVER performs anymore. AND its general admission MEANING, if you show up early enough, you could be front effing row. AND the theatre holds less than 300 people...so even if you get crap seats you have good seats. The luck I had on these tickets is UNCANNY. PLUS my favorite band E.V.E.R. (Guster) is playing a show the night before Eddie and I got tickets to that too!!! (and they also like Eddie, never play slows in so cal). its gonna be pretty much the most amazing week of all time.

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Date:July 21st, 2007 04:13 pm (UTC)
ok, i'm SO EXCITED for you!! YAYA! eddie izzard and guster?? sweet! nick has this dvd of a music festival and guster was one of the artists! the lead singer doesn't look like i thought he would. haha. idk. it was weird.

who's going with you to izzard and guster?? i wanna go! =( *sniff*

i'm sorry about your frusterations with math. i'm thankful for math. b/c without math b, we PROB. wouldn't be the friends we are today! =) thank you mr. harrison and math b! no, i know your frustration. you very well could have a learning "disability" with math. totally makes sense. you need someone like kevin gnapor to help you out! ;) "...the G is silent when i sneek in the door!" lol i'm sorry. i hope you thought that was funny.

ok, i'm working today so i'll be on LJ. have a good day and we should chat soon! ok, i love you, buh BYE!
Date:July 22nd, 2007 12:09 am (UTC)
ya man im SO excited about it! Mimi is going w/ me to Guster (how fun will that be!? I never see Mimi im happy she is going!) and shar-ON is going with me to Eddie (ya-YUH). I wish I coulda bought tickets for TJ and Maggie, but I did NOT have the money to buy more than 2. so bust :( but sharon is really excited so im stoked! if you were down here you would SO be going to Guster with me though, you introduced me to them afterall!

OMG I totally laughed when you said I needed Kevin Gnapor to help me! LOL. but I do. haha. Math B was fun. all we did was talk about food! aww...high school memories :) I think im gonna go see a specialist/doctor to see if I have a disorder/disability, whatever. I just wanna know so I know WHY its so hard for me you know?

"she be lik UGH! KEVIN G!" "THANK YOU KEVIN!" "Happy Holidays everyone!"
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Date:July 22nd, 2007 08:43 pm (UTC)

ps...yay for dropping math!!!
Date:July 22nd, 2007 09:45 pm (UTC)
eddie = <3

EFF MATH! im never gonna need it (except to transfer and thats IT. what a messed up sitch in the education system eh? blah).
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